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Acon 36


ACON36 is a 36 m² living module that includes portable, self-contained, and smart home systems. The module is delivered ready to use. Including the kitchen, bathroom, white goods, smart home system, and furniture.

ACON 36 is great for remote locations. It leaves significantly less environmental disruption on the building suite. ACON 36 is also ready to be built in areas with minimal infrastructure, so it’ll be a great fit for people who choose to live in unspoiled, remote, or even rugged locations.

Less waste. When producing ACON 36, it’s easier to calculate how much material is required. As a result, far less material is wasted than when building a traditional construction house.

Portability and adaptability; ACON 36 can be moved and rearranged. Plans changed? Pack up your home and move it to another location. Your ACON 36 adapts to your surroundings and easily adjusts to new environments. We believe that mobility and free flow of thought are key ingredients in life, and we embody this belief in our houses.