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ACON Foldable

ACON Foldable

Acon Foldable is a market-leading foldable container solution, specially developed for the purpose of relatively short-period usage anywhere there is a need for handling large crowds for lodging, office/meeting, cash desk, but even storage, cooling, and heating purposes.

You can design your project by using three types of Acon Foldable containers.

ACF-20S: 2440x6050x2550 (WxLxH) single room unit
ACF-20D: 2440x6050x2550 (WxLxH) double room unit
ACF-10S: 2440x3000x2550 (WxLxH) single room unit

Acon foldable containers are designed for quick mounting and de-mounting.
You need just two technicians to assemble and disassemble the container within minutes and without any re-chargeable or electrical hand tool.
A container can be prepared to use within 5-7 minutes.
The design of the container is plug&use. So, the only thing you need to do is plug the electrical cable into the container main inlet. Then, your electricity is ready to use.

Acon foldable containers are easy to use.
The containers are equipped with a main entrance door and two windows. The handles, locks, curtains and fly screens are pre-assembled.
When the container is assembled, you only turn the key and use the container.
Acon foldable containers include ready to use electricity for each room. Rooms are equipped with LED lighting and the switch, two 220V European plugs and two USB-A ports.
The DB is located in the room ceiling and securely locked.

Acon foldable containers have a modern design.
Even though it’s an industrial product, Acon foldable containers have many modern and technological options.
USB-A ports are the standard hardware of the containers that the final users can use to re-charge many of their goods like mobile phones, laptops, power banks, digital cameras etc
Acon has a solar power pack to be implemented on the roof structure. Where you don’t have the electricity Acon can supply these plug&use solar power modules for you.
The container can be equipped with foldable chairs, coffee tables and sleeping mattresses that can be shipped inside the container pack.

You can design your foldable container as per your concept, company colours or project.
The colour of the main steel frame can be various regarding your demands.
The panel surfaces can be covered with UV resistant foils. Acon can print anything on these foils and the container becomes your unique product.

Acon foldable containers are durable.
You can use Acon foldable containers under extreme conditions in a desert or the mountain Alps.
All exterior surfaces have continuous heat insulation details.
All connections are sealed with rubber gaskets.
The door and window profiles are heat insulated and double-glazing system is used.

Acon foldable containers are cost-effective products.
⦁ 10 packs can be shipped in a truck.
⦁ Containers can be assembled and disassembled many times.
⦁ No need for electricity or re-chargeable handtools for assembly
⦁ Just two technicians are enough to complete the assembly of a container within minutes.

Acon always supports its customers.
7/24 technical support and maintenance services are supplied by Acon during the lifetime of your containers.
You can sign a long-term contract with Acon for periodic maintenance services. You can extend your guarantee terms in this way.