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About Us

Sablo Services
Sablo Services kicked off its first “Light Steel Structure” interests in 2004 and continues to grow its capability from now on. Since 2004 Sablo completed a vast amount of light steel structure projects specializing in containerized housing units and prefabricated tiny houses.

Designed, manufactured, and installed, 4235 prefabricated light steel structures worldwide in a range from construction sites to military base camps. Sablo has been providing light steel structures to governments, private companies, and multinational organizations for years in a global manner.

Adalı Modular Construction Systems & Solutions (ACON)
In 2020, thanks to its robust capability and experience, Sablo decided to canalize its efforts to the end customer for individual use. As a result, Sablo established “Adalı Modular Construction Systems & Solutions” under the label of ACON to serve individual customers on a retail level.

Since its foundation, ACON designed, furnished, and constructed proprietary tiny houses and modular/foldable steel structures both on-demand basis and with its presented ready models. Today, Sablo successfully combined its mass production capacity with the ACON label and reached the benchmark to successfully complete individualized big scale projects on-demand.


With a mission of undertaking environment-friendly assignments and integrating cutting-edge technology into these projects, ACON has been producing high-quality work since the company began.


Our vision is to continuously enhance the pace, quality, achievements and goals of the company in the country and abroad, always being aware of the moral values and social responsibilities we have.