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Acon Modular Systems

ACON commits “easy, quick, modern and durable” accommodation solutions.

Adalı Modular Construction Systems Solutions

ACON offers its users a functional and compact solution as their need. We always support our customers; 7/24 technical support and maintenance services are supplied by ACON during the lifetime of your products.

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    Why ACON?

    Energy Efficient

    Adaptation to the different renewable energy sources is available. Also, the prefabricated construction lowers material waste and allows a non-polluting construction process.

    Mobile Prefabricated

    Mobility and easy-to-set-up potential lowers the transportation costs and make on-site installation efficient.

    The Concept

    Models can be adjusted through your desired features. ACON offers a broad solution range. Choose the one best suits your wish.

    Eco Sustainable

    ACON uses non-polluting and sustainable raw materials while producing houses. Also, ACON reduces the carbon footprint of its products through an eco-friendly construction process.

    ACON designs, furnishes, and constructs proprietary tiny houses, modular and foldable steel structures



    Acon 36


    Acon Foldable


    The Most Asked Questions

    With regular maintenance, an ACON tiny house can last over 30-50 years.

    Yes, ACON products can be adjusted through your desired features.

    ACON takes care of shipping and places your ACON house in the place you want.